Bombshells Franchise


Bombshells Restaurant and Bar stands above our competitors. One of the most important aspects of our success are the teams we have put together. We will only consider candidates that exemplify our goals and standards, that have a passion for Bombshells, and can complement our ongoing success. We are seeking experienced restaurant operators to become multi-unit developers within their home market.

Initial Investment

The initial investment is $1,751,000 to $2,946,000 for a conversion and $2,251,000 to $3,116,000 for new construction.

Financial Requirements

  • $750,000-$1,000,000 Liquid per location (dependent on bank lending requirement and conversion vs new construction)
  • $2,000,000-$3,000,000 Net worth per location (dependent on bank lending requirement and conversion vs new construction)
  • Ability to secure all needed financing or self fund
  • Multi-unit developers, ability to develop full Market DMA (typically 4-10 locations)

Operations Experience Requirements

  • Minimum of 10 years in a casual dining with bar component
  • Multi-Unit Operations experience comparable to market size committing to
  • Live in market and has operated restaurants in market.
  • Proven ability to operate an organization that both compliments Bombshells and contributes to our ongoing success.
  • The ability to grow and nurture the Bombshells culture and develop strong teams.
  • Dedication to Operational Excellence

Development Experience Requirements

  • Local Real Estate knowledge and work with qualified local broker
  • Development experience in building restaurants or hire restaurant construction project manager


If you are an investor and do not have the required operational experience, you will be required to hire an Operations Partner. A suitable partner has casual dining and alcohol service experience and meets all the requirements to operate a Bombshells Restaurant and Bar. This partner will be responsible for the overall operations of all your locations.